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In rails 3, I would like to do the following:

SomeModel.where(:some_connection_id => anArrayOfIds).select("some_other_connection_id")

This works, but i get the following from the DB:


Now, those id-s are the ones I need, but I am uncapable of making a query that only gives me the ids. I do not want to have to itterate over the resulst, only to get those numbers out. Are there any way for me to do this with something like :

SomeModel.where(:some_connection_id => anArrayOfIds).select("some_other_connection_id").values()

Or something of that nautre?

I have been trying with the ".select_values()" found at Git-hub, but it only returns "some_other_connection_id".

I am not an expert in rails, so this info might be helpful also:

The "SomeModel" is a connecting table, for a many-to-many relation in one of my other models. So, accually what I am trying to do is to, from the array of IDs, get all the entries from the other side of the connection. Basicly I have the source ids, and i want to get the data from the models with all the target ids. If there is a magic way of getting these without me having to do all the sql myself (with some help from active record) it would be really nice!

Thanks :)

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Have you tried: SomeModel.where(:some_connection_id => anArrayOfIds).select("some_other_connection_id").map &:some_other_connection_id – rubish Aug 2 '11 at 9:23
Nice. That did in fact return only the ids! :D What does this do? Does it itterate over the resuls, and select the value from the hashmap with key "some_other_connection_id"? Or does it lazy-load it? – Cort3z Aug 2 '11 at 9:33
No it iterates over the results, no lazy loading here. Sorry! – rubish Aug 2 '11 at 9:39
Aww :( Ohh well. It works now. Thanks anyway :) (btw. Consider writing it as an answer). – Cort3z Aug 2 '11 at 9:45

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 SomeModel.where(:some_connection_id => anArrayOfIds).select("some_other_connection_id").map &:some_other_connection_id 

This is essentially a shorthand for:

 results = SomeModel.where(:some_connection_id => anArrayOfIds).select("some_other_connection_id") {|row| row.some_other_connection_id}

Look at Array#map for details on map method.

Beware that there is no lazy loading here, as it iterates over the results, but it shouldn't be a problem, unless you want to add more constructs to you query or retrieve some associated objects(which should not be the case as you haven't got the ids for loading the associated objects).

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so in this case the &: just converts some_other_connection_id to a bock that is just the accessor method for that attribute on each row? I am new and still have trouble understanding that thing sometimes... – ohhh Jul 30 at 17:08

Try pluck method

SomeModel.where(:some => condition).pluck("some_field")

it works like

SomeModel.where(:some => condition).select("some_field").map(&:some_field)
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