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i am currently working on a power gauge in flash for a fishing game in which a user mouse inputs determine the vertical power of a gauge,there is a container rectangle MC, and a meter rectangle made of 1 height, the meter height is adjusted according to the difference calculated from the mouseStart event, and mouseMove event, is there a better way of making the calculations? because currently a slight difference will result in a big "jump" in the meter .

functions of the rod.

private function touchStarted(evt:MouseEvent):void
            startY = evt.stageY;

        private function rotateTurret(evt:MouseEvent):void 
            trace("rot "+rotation);
            endY = evt.stageY;

            if (startY != 0)
            difference = startY-endY  ;
            txt.text = difference.toString();

power meter function

private function loop(e:Event):void

        fill.height += _diff;

        if (fill.height >= 200 )
            fill.height = 200;
        if (fill.height < 0)
            fill.height = 0;        


    public function increment(value:Number):void
        _diff = value;
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If you limit the number of pixels the user has to move the mouse to fill the power meter to the range [0..1], it's easier to separate the power meter from the actual mouse motion.

You do this by dividing the difference by the total length you want as the maximum number of pixels needed to completely fill the power meter.

The updated rotateTurret function might look like this:

if(startY != 0) {
    var maxPixelsNeeded:Number = 300.0;

    difference = (startY-endY) / maxPixelsNeeded;

   // -- same as before

You will also need to change the loop function, since the _diff variable will now be in the range [0..1], to:

fill.height = _diff * 200; // Where 200 is the max height of the power meter.
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How about _diff = value/10;?

I can't give you better advice at the moment because I'm not entirely sure what your code does. For example: where is loop called?

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loop is called at enterFrame for the power guage class. – sutoL Aug 3 '11 at 0:21

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