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I have 2 fields in one mysql table. One field has full sentence and another field has the same sentence but with one word replaced by "_". How I can find the replaced word using mysql query?

Example: Field1: We aim for an 85% success rate. Field2: We _ for an 85% success rate.

I need a query which can find the word "aim" comparing both 2 sentences.

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How did you end up in this situation? Why don't you put the replaced word in a separate column when you generate these sentences so that you can just ask for that column instead of trying to parse and compare the strings. –  Dan Grossman Aug 2 '11 at 9:40

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           REVERSE(SUBSTR(Field1 FROM INSTR(Field2, '_')))
           INSTR(REVERSE(Field2), '_'))
FROM table
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               POSITION( '_' IN field2 ),
               LENGTH( field1 ) - LENGTH( field2 ) + 1 );
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