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I need to try the current snapshot version 2.3.1 of Spring Web Flow in my project, hoping it will fix this bug for me. I have read the documentation on how to access nightly builds and added the following to my pom.xml:


And the repository needed:

        <name>SpringSource Maven Central-compatible Snapshot Repository</name>

But when I try a mvn clean install maven fails to resolve the dependencies:

*[ERROR] ... The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.springframework.webflow:spring-webflow:jar:2.3.1.BUILD-SNAPSHOT, org.springframework.webflow:spring-faces:jar:2.3.1.BUILD-SNAPSHOT ...

Am I missing something obvious? Am I using the wrong snapshot version? Is there a way to list the contents of the snapshot repository? Any hints are appreciated...

P.S.: I cross-posted this question on the SpringSource community forum and will of course post the answer here if I get it there.

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I could not find the version of the snap shot you have in the dependency, Here are all the web flow snap shot down loads that I can see from spring source site http://static.springsource.org/downloads/nightly/snapshot-download.php?project=SWF

If you change the version tag in you'r pom.xml that will resolve the issue.

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That did it, thank you very much! I assumed (by mistake) that version 2.3.0.RELEASE was newer than 2.3.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT and that 2.3.1.BUILD-SNAPSHOT would preceded 2.3.1.RELEASE. –  cg. Aug 3 '11 at 7:22

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