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My Table structure is given below

               id    user_name    item    brand

                1       A         car    ferrari
                2       A         bike   suzuki 
                3       B         car    ferrari
                4       B         bike   yamaha

Here I want to write a select query for user_name having car ferrari and bike suzuki. Please help me to write sql Query

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This should do the trick:

SELECT T1.user_name
FROM MyTable T1
  LEFT JOIN MyTable T2 ON T1.id = T2.id AND T2.item = 'bike' AND T2.brand = 'suzuki'
WHERE T1.item = 'car' AND T1.brand = 'ferrari'

However you should consider to improve your database schema (store vehicles in another table, and have a relational table users_vehicles maybe)

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Simple And Best Answer. +1 – Sagotharan Aug 2 '11 at 11:24

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