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So I'll start off by saying I'm completely new to JS and JSQuery. So I'm in the following situation. The page has a structure like:

<div id="id1">
   <input name="input1" .... >

<div id="id2" disabled="disabled">
   <input name="input1"  ....>


So the names of the inputs will repeat themselves, only on different divs and only one div will not be disabled at a given moment. I need to be able to get a input element with a given name from a div with a given ID. My approach after reading a bit:

var inputs = $('div[id="' + parent_div +'"] input').filter(function() {
            return (this.hasOwnProperty('name') && (typeof  != "undefined") && == component_name);
for (input in inputs){

Now I would expect this to return only my given component. However the result is very strange to me as a beginner. The alerts will be return something like the following:

objectHTMLInputElement component_name ---- so the first one is the correct one, but after:

1 undefined

object Object undefined

object HTMLDocument undefined

div[id="data_modelHR"] input.filter(function () { return (this.hasOwnProperty('name') && (typeof != "undefined") && == component_name); }) undefined

And this goes on for a while with different functions. Any suggestions?

Regards, Bogdan

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That thing is called jQuery, not JSQuery :) – archil Aug 2 '11 at 10:52
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Don't walk an Array using foo in bar if you want to iterate over it's indexed elements.

See what you will get:
You get the indexed elements 0+1, but also all methods/properties of an jQuery-object.


for (var i=0;i<inputs.length;++i){

Or the jquery-way:

inputs.each(function(i,o){alert(o);alert(; })
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Thanks for all the inputs. Seems this was my problem. – Bogdan Aug 2 '11 at 11:36

That will give you an input with name component_name inside the div with id parent_div:

$('div[id="' + parent_div +'"]').find('input[name="' + component_name + '"]');

You may use only one selector like this:

$('div[id="' + parent_div +'"] input[name="' + component_name + '"]');
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Think this is the simplest way of doing this:

$('#' + parent_div + ' input[name="' + component_name + '"]');
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