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I have some code that plays an MP3 stream, and when running on wifi this is working flawlessly. When I try to run exactly the same code on a 3G connection, AwesomePlayer returns a -1004 error, with no HTTP errors.

There is a copy of the log below.

I have tried connecting to the server using the internet browser and this works fine, so it's not a routing issue.

08-02 11:31:41.018: VERBOSE/MediaPlayerService(1238): Client(14) constructor
08-02 11:31:41.018: VERBOSE/MediaPlayerService(1238): Create new client(14) from pid 4482, url=, connId=14, audioSessionId=16
08-02 11:31:41.018: VERBOSE/MediaPlayerService(1238): setDataSource(
08-02 11:31:41.018: VERBOSE/MediaPlayerService(1238): getPlayerTypeFromMAP( PLAYERS_MAP[25].playertype 0
08-02 11:31:41.018: VERBOSE/MediaPlayerService(1238): player type = 4
08-02 11:31:41.018: VERBOSE/MediaPlayerService(1238):  create StagefrightPlayer
08-02 11:31:41.018: VERBOSE/AudioSink(1238): AudioOutput(16)
08-02 11:31:41.018: VERBOSE/MediaPlayerService(1238):  setDataSource
08-02 11:31:41.018: INFO/StagefrightPlayer(1238): setDataSource('')
08-02 11:31:41.018: VERBOSE/MediaPlayerService(1238): [14] setAudioStreamType(3)
08-02 11:31:41.018: VERBOSE/MediaPlayerService(1238): [14] prepareAsync
08-02 11:31:41.018: INFO/NuHTTPDataSource(1238): overrides append
08-02 11:31:41.018: INFO/NuHTTPDataSource(1238): connect to @0
08-02 11:31:41.018: INFO/NuHTTPDataSource(1238): ENTER connect
08-02 11:31:41.018: INFO/NuHTTPDataSource(1238): [Stagefright] is not localhost
08-02 11:31:41.018: INFO/NuHTTPDataSource(1238): [Stagefright] do not use http proxy 
08-02 11:31:41.018: INFO/HTTPStream(1238): start connect_nonb
08-02 11:31:41.108: INFO/HTTPStream(1238): back from connect_nonb
08-02 11:31:41.108: INFO/HTTPStream(1238): start connect_nonb
08-02 11:31:41.228: INFO/HTTPStream(1238): back from connect_nonb
08-02 11:31:41.398: INFO/NuHTTPDataSource(1238): LEAVE connect
08-02 11:31:41.398: INFO/AwesomePlayer(1238): mConnectingDataSource->connect() returned -1004
08-02 11:31:41.398: VERBOSE/MediaPlayerService(1238): [14] notify (0x38350, 100, 1, -1004)
08-02 11:31:41.408: ERROR/MediaPlayer(4482): error (1, -1004)
08-02 11:31:41.408: ERROR/MediaPlayer(4482): Error (1,-1004)

If anyone has any ideas I can try I would be grateful.

Many thanks in advance,


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it may be your 3g connection error. check your 3g connection.

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Many thanks for your reply, but I have double checked and my 3G connection is fine, I can use the internet with no problem and as I stated in my original post I can connect to the server providing the stream with a web browser and it's fine. – Neil Aug 4 '11 at 6:36
where you are getting the media via local LAN or Internet. Where is that audio link local or in web? – ilango j Aug 4 '11 at 6:56
The stream is coming from the internet. I have since discovered that this is specific to O2, and the problem doesn't occur if I use my 3 sim in the phone. So clearly it's a provider block of somekind, but it would be nice to find a way around it. I'm also having problems with the MediaPlayer on a different stream where it takes a really long time (up to 15 minutes) to start playing the stream whether on Wifi or 3g. I confess I'm finding the platform somewhat frustrating after developing similar software for the iPhone and it just plays the stream when you tell it to. – Neil Aug 25 '11 at 11:57

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