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Check if a class active exist on an li with a class menu

For example

<li class="menu active">something...</li>
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possible duplicate of Determine if an element has a CSS class with jQuery – karim79 Aug 2 '11 at 11:58
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I think you want to use hasClass()

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You can retrieve all elements having the 'active' class using the following:


Checking wether or not there are any would, i belief, be with

if($('.active').length > 0)
    // code
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is the simplest way. This will return all elements with both classes.

Or an already answered Jquery hasClass() - check for more than one class

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use the hasClass jQuery method

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You can use the hasClass method, eg.

$('li.menu').hasClass('active') // true|false

Or if you want to select it in one go, you can use:

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Pure Javascript answer:


Might help someone someday.

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    if($('selector').hasClass('active')){ }

i think this will check if the selector hasClass active ...

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FYI: While your answer appears plausible, it has appeared in the 'low quality posts' queue after being flagged for deletion. I suspect this is because it is a code only answer without explanation. – Oliver Matthews Jun 12 '14 at 13:20
i have added some explanation – Nwachukwu Al Nnaemeka Jun 12 '14 at 14:31

If Condition to check, currently class active or not

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i wrote a helper method to help me go through all my selected elements and remove the active class.

    function removeClassFromElem(classSelect, classToRemove){
        var currElem=$(this);

    removeClassFromElem('.someclass', 'active');
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