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How do I sum an index that does not exist with 0. I mean substituting the value not found. The program has the problem that when I select less choices that expected for the sum the program write me index out of range and I would like to substitute that values with 0.
How I do that if I want to sum 10 values or less and I select less?

scores = []
result_f = open("Tienda.txt")

for line in result_f:
    (name,score) = line.split()

Label(app,text="Su total es").pack()

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To sum 10 values or less:

g = sum(scores[:10])
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I want to put that sum in a label inside a tkinter windows how i do that, that number get label in the tkinter windows because when i do it it just disappear and is not shown. – Carlos Aug 14 '11 at 2:38

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