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i'm having a div with lots of content and a vertical scrollbar. i'd like to replace the scrollbar with an up/down button in order to scroll the content on hovering the buttons. any ideas how to do this? thanks

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Try scrollTop()

var timeoutId = 0;

function scrollIt(amount){

$('.down').mousedown(function() {
    timeoutId = setTimeout(scrollIt(5), 1000);
}).bind('mouseup mouseleave', function() {

$('.up').mousedown(function() {
    timeoutId = setTimeout(scrollIt(-5), 1000);
}).bind('mouseup mouseleave', function() {
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I think this plugin might be helpful: http://www.kelvinluck.com/assets/jquery/jScrollPane/jScrollPane.html

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I think based on this, you'll get a pretty good start on how to do this.


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