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I have successfully build and ran both Qt 4.3.7 and OpenCV 2.3 with Qt enabled. When I start a window using:

cvNamedWindow( "video", 0 );

I successfully load a full Qt interface! wonderful :)

However!! when I use the command

void callbackButton(int state, void* userdata){
int x;


I get the error message

error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _cvCreateButton

I don't understand as the Qt interface already has lots of buttons on it? could someone please explain what I am missing from the include that could cause this?


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4 Answers

This is a linking error. Try to add the opencv .lib file (or files) to the project libraries path. this may help : VS2010 OpenCV

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You use the wrong parameters for to call to cvCreateButton. According to the documentation here the signature of the function is

cvCreateButton(const char* button_name CV_DEFAULT(NULL), CvButtonCallback on_change CV_DEFAULT(NULL), void* userdata CV_DEFAULT(NULL), int button_type CV_DEFAULT(CV_PUSH_BUTTON), int initial_button_state CV_DEFAULT(0)

and sample calls are:


and the declaration of the callback function has to be:

CV_EXTERN_C_FUNCPTR( *CvButtonCallback)(int state, void* userdata));

You get a linking error and not a compiler error because cvCreateButton has extern "C" linkage - which means that parameters cannot be checked at compile time.

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The third argument must be a void*. Change to:


and it will work.

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I solved this issue by calling the function cv::createButton instead of cvCreateButton (which is if I am correct the way to call methods in OpenCV2).

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