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Is it possible to have Flex component in Away3D environment? For example, there is 3D plane and there is interactive Flex component on that plane.

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Have you tried anything other than asking this question? where's the code? –  J_A_X Aug 3 '11 at 0:52
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Yes. You can view a good tutorial here on a Flex Component with Away3D (this is better then me giving a brief explanation): http://www.flashmagazine.com/tutorials/detail/using_away3d_with_flex/

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It's good tutorial, but it explains how to use Away3D in Flex. And I need to put Flex components in 3D. –  Michael K. Aug 2 '11 at 14:05
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I meet this problem just now and solve it , so like to place here my solution :

Quick way to do it is create SpriteVisualElement , draw graphics with hole for Stage3D content and set it as 'mask' of Application . If You will mask deeper clips , dont forget to disable application background or set backgroundAlpha to 0 .

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