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I'm trying to speed up my computer a little bit, and apart from these useful tips I'm trying to remove all Visual Studio extensions and add-ins that I don't use anymore.

I noticed I have both ASP .NET MVC 2 and 3 installed side-by-side, and I don't use version 2 at all.

ASP .NET MVC 2 and 3 side-by-side install

Can I safely delete the old version, or does MVC 3 depend on MVC 2?
I don't want to mess up my working environment.

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MVC 2 and MVC 3 are completely independent.

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Thanks for the quick reply. –  Dan Abramov Aug 2 '11 at 13:02

Yes, I did this myself. In fact when I first installed MVC3 there was a known conflict whereby MVC3 won't work properly unless MVC1 is uninstalled first. Can't remember the details but yes you can remove MVC1 and MVC2 leaving MVC3 intact fine.

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