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A few revisions ago I committed a piece of work in which I accidentally included a 300mb .flv file (don't ask...).

Is there a way I can edit that changeset to not include the aforementioned file?

UPDATE: I think I can use the MQ extension and follow these instructions (chapter 6). However, when I run: hg qimport -r 11:tip, I receive the error: abort: out of memory.

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Use hg convert with --filemap switch. Do note that IDs will change on modified changesets and their children. If you've already pushed it to a remote location, you need to use strip/convert on that repo as well, before pushing again.

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When I tried to push to Kiln it would abort without a reason. I presume it was due to the size! Thanks for the answer, I am trying your suggestion now. –  daveyWavey Aug 2 '11 at 13:18

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