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In SSIS... is it possible to access and change the package itself from one of its script tasks? If it is... could you please provide an example?

For instance, I would like to programmatically configure the tasks within a foreach loop from a script task located outside (before) the loop. Something like reading a file and add/removing/configuring tasks depending on its contents.

Thanks for your time!

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No, that's not possible - however, I do something very similar by utilizing a second "child" package that I reuse numerous times. In the script you can simply clear out the child package, put all of the items/containers/constraints you need into it, and then execute it.

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Thx, thats the approach I'm taking. –  Gelu Aug 3 '11 at 13:02

As @Derek had already mentioned, it is not possible to alter the package itself. However, you can use precedence constraints/Expressions to alter the behavior of Control Flow tasks based on the value present in variable(s), if that is what you meant by altering a package.

Here are few examples where I have used precedence constraints to redirect/restrict the control flow tasks based on an expression:

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How to avoid SSIS FTP task from failing when there are no files to download? (This example uses a script task followed by a Foreach Loop container.)

How to write an SQL statement output to a CSV file?

Hope that helps.

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