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I can't debug my application on my device with xcode 4. The application builds, links and signs and installs on the device but when xcode 4 says "running on Dev iPad 2" nothing happens on the device.

I've quit and restarted xcode, and restarted the Mac. No difference.

The only warning it gives me is "warning: no debug symbols in executable (-arch armv7)". I'm not sure if that's related to my problem.

If I start the application manually on the device, it works.

I created a small test app. It compiled and ran on the device with no problem.

What could be causing this in my application?

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Seems that no debug point was found. – Ravi Kumar Singh Aug 2 '11 at 13:16
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I found this could be fixed by deleting the app from the device, and also deleting the provisioning profile from the device as well.

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Check the name of your executable in Build Settings - specifically, make sure that Debug and Release versions have the same name. It may be trying to run an executable that isn't there.

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Check the Build settings: Strip Linked Product. In my case I had to set this setting to No. After that the warning was gone.

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