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I have some boxes looking like this:

|   _____                |
|  |     |               |
|  |_____|               |
|                        |

Generated by HTLM looking like this:

<div class='container'>

    <div class='vdo_img'>
        <img />

<!-- bunch of links and <p> -->

I turn it into a draggable with the jquery UI plugin:

    $('.container').draggable({distance: 10, helper: 'clone'})

But I would like to make the img draggable as well, independantly.

Problem, when I do:

    $('.vdo_img').draggable({distance: 10, helper: 'clone'})

I only get the whole box, never the picture. I can guess there is a story about fired event and all, but can't find a good solution.

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Try this::


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This is what I'm using, as stated in "I turn it into a draggable with the jquery UI plugin" –  e-satis Aug 2 '11 at 16:45

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