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I am attempting to Mock an IDataRecord interface.

So far I have:

        var mockIDataRecord = new Mock<IDataRecord>();
        mockIDataRecord.SetupGet(c => c["id"]).Returns(7);
        var z = mockIDataRecord["id"];

But Visual Studio throws a compilation error on the last line of that:

Error 2 Cannot apply indexing with [] to an expression of type 'Moq.Mock <System.Data.IDataRecord>'

Any suggestions?

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The error is what visual studio says. You are applying indexing to instance of Mock class, not its generic parameter (IDataRecord in your case). Use Mock.Object Property that will return IDataRecord and apply indexing to it

var z = mockIDataRecord.Object["id"];
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You have created a mock of an object (of type IDataRecord). However you are trying to access mockIDataRecord[id] which implies that mockIDataRecord is a collection (Array?).

The type mismatch is probably what is causing the error.

Can you try something like this instead (I haven't checked the syntax):

var mockIDataRecord = new Mock<IDataRecord[]>();
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