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I am currently playing a little bit around with the development environment. At the moment I am writing a small app, which adresses a Webbrowser-Control.

Therefore I was looking for an opportunity, to show the URL-bar and maybe manipulating the URL via input of the user. Is this anyway possible, or not implemented for the webbrowser control?

Thanks in advance!

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The WebBrowser control itself doesn't have a URL bar. It is simply a control that has the ability to display HTML and run Javascript. The easiest way way to simulate one would be to create a textbox. You can then use its Navigate method to load the webpage:


Alternatively, you can use the WebBrowserTask, but your app loses all control of the user's activities within this task.

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I think it'd be easier to just launch the web browser task directly. Customizing the URL bar would probably require rolling your own.

Here's a related question about opening the browser: Open webbrowser with specific url in WP7

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