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I need help with a raw SQL query which gets a value based on another value.

I have the following raw SQL query.

SELECT pmPropDef.id, pmPropDef.name, pmPropDef.units, pmPropShort.str, pmPropLong.str   
 FROM pmProp INNER JOIN pmPropDef ON pmProp.propid=pmPropDef.id AND pmPropDef.name = 'Area' 
 LEFT JOIN pmPropShort ON sid=pmProp.value 
 LEFT JOIN pmPropLong ON lid=-pmProp.value 
 WHERE pmProp.ownertype='variant' AND pmPropDef.id = pmProp.propid;

And this results in the following:

| id | name | units | str  | str  |
| 14 | Area | mm2   | 1.1  | NULL |

The problem that I am getting both pmPropShort.str and pmPropLong.str and I should be betting one or the the other. What I really want is a single str value? How do I re-write this query to meet my needs?

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You can use COALESCE which returns the first non-NULL argument. eg.

COALESCE(pmPropShort.str, pmPropLong.str)
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Don't forget to give it an alias, e.g.AS str –  Bill Karwin Aug 2 '11 at 21:23
Awesome! Thanks so much! –  rh0dium Aug 3 '11 at 0:21

Do you have an obvious priority?

example if long is priority

SELECT pmPropDef.id, pmPropDef.name, pmPropDef.units, 
 IF(pmPropLong.str IS NOT NULL,pmPropLong.str,pmPropShort.str) as str
FROM ...rest of your query
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