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Running through the djangobook (ver 2). I had a little trouble with template loading; my relevant filestructure:




When I set-up a view for the books chapter (chap. 5), I was able to create a url in urls.py, point it to a view function in testSite/books/views, but when I called the template from that view function, I did not have to specify a directory - django knew it was in testSite/books/templates.

I tried doing the same thing for the contact form chapter (chap. 7), but this time it would not load the template - I had to go back to settings.py and explicitly place testSite/contact/templates into TEMPLATE_DIRS:

# testSite/settings.py
# ....

So - is there an obvious explanation as to why I need to point django to the contact/templates folder, but not the books/templates folder?

(If not, I can post more code - trying to keep it short)

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You either did not add the contact application to your INSTALLED_APPS in settings.py OR you are trying to load the template from one application inside another application. The TEMPLATE_DIRS is where to look if it doesn’t find the template inside the same application as the views are loading from.

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Probably because a Template Loader knows how to find it. The app_directories one will find the templates directory in each application.

django.template.loaders.filesystem.Loader will use the TEMPLATE_DIRS setting.

django.template.loaders.app_directories.Loader will find the templates directory in your installed apps.

If the first loader in the TEMPLATE_LOADERS setting can't find it, Django will ask the next to see if it can find it.

How are you telling your views which templates you're using?

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The problem was I forgot to list contact under INSTALLED_APPS - I +1'ed for explaining how django actually uses the information in the INSTALLED_APPs to find the templates in that directory. – chris Aug 2 '11 at 15:50

I expect your books app is in INSTALLED_APPS, but contact is not.

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