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I have the following models:

Book -> hasOne(Subcategory) -> belongsTo(Category)

I have to make the following query:

select c.ds_category,count(*) from categories c,subcategories sc,books b
where b.id_subcategory=sc.id_subcategory and sc.id_category=c.id_category
group by c.ds_category

In the Book model I've defined

var $hasOne="Subcategory";

In the subcategories model I've defined

var $belongsTo="Category";

The problem is that when I call

return $this->find("all");

I cannot get categories table so cannot make group by. Ive tried to define $recursive=2 but I did not run. Can anyone help me in finding a way to get also Categories items?

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shouldn't Book belongsTo Subcategory? And you should use Containable to have a more control over find.

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