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If I had a website with the following different locations;

www.site.com/uk/ www.site.com/us/ www.site.com/ca/

When "User X" (could even be Google) first navigates to www.site.com I want to check their IP and guess that they should be redirected to the /uk/ version (or whatever).

The user can still opt to change their country at any time (ala GoDaddy.com) but when they initially land and are redirected, what should I send as the HTTP status code?

I first thought a 301 but technically it isn't a permanent redirect because "User Y" might be from Canada and therefore www.site.com should go to www.site.com/ca/


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I think 302 is appropriate. To me 301 seems to be too strict, because the originating URL which was sending the Redirect still exists. Also from SEO point of view crawlers should still visit the old "root"-URL.

As you mentioned Canada, I have a real world example which is doing it this way. Have a look at Kijiji Canada, when you choose a region (e.g. http://toronto.kijiji.ca) afterwards going to http://www.kijiji.ca you will be redirected to the selected region with 302.

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