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A buddy of mine asked me to post this question:

EDIT: He decided to post the question on his own here: JAXB Unmarshalls XML Incorrectly I tried to delete this question but couldn't.

I am trying to marshall a java class, called MyContainer. This class extends my another class, called Container. Container has a variable called: protected List<ResourceReference<Component>> child

The only variable MyContainer has is the one it inherits from Container. This List, however, will not marshall with JAXB when I have child listed as an XmlList.

It will marshall as an XmlElement, however this is not how I want the data displayed. When it is marshalled as an XmlElement, it lists the attributes in the List, but not 'heirarchially' It just lists the two elements as if they were properties of the class, as opposed to belonging to the child list.

How do I get Jaxb to marshall the List (Which is instantiated as an ArrayList) correctly?

EDIT: Here's an example: This is what I am getting:

<MyContainer name="Container Name">
    <child id="Test Comp 1"/>
    <child id="Test Comp 2"/>

This is more what I expect:

<MyContainer name="Container Name">
    <child> /// This would be the class variable of the extended Class, Container
        <ResourceRef id="Entry 1">
        <ResourceRef id="Entry 2">

Admittly, my current results is probably from the List in Container being marked with the @XmlElement annotation. However, JAXB will not marshall anything else..

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It's hard to follow your question. Can you give a sample of the XML you're getting and another sample of the XML you want? –  Bigwheels Aug 2 '11 at 16:22

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Annotate your list with @XmlElementWrapper. See javadoc.

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@XmlElementWrapper does display the data correctly, however when JAXB goes to Demarshall that XML file, it doesnt not properly insert the elements into the list. What am I missing to have it identify each thing listed within the wrapper as an element in the list? –  compuguru Aug 2 '11 at 17:36
My friend decided to post his question. See it here: stackoverflow.com/questions/6916790/…. Accepting this to close the question. –  compuguru Aug 3 '11 at 1:30

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