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Anyone know of a Dbus monitoring program for Windows? Specifically I am interested in being able to monitor/manipulate dbus signals of a remote target similarly to how you can with DFeet in Linux.

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I do not know if it helps you to track a better answer, but on Windows you have a port of "DBus" called windbus. It seems not active on its development, the Sourceforge page is this one, and consulting the NEWS file it seems that last version is 1.2.1 from April, 2008. Prior to that, the closest thing of DBus you can have on Windows is COM. On Linux you have the dbus-monitor to "monitor", and as you pointed, D-feet to "manipulate". If you are interested on a practical solution, I would suggest stick with COM, if you really want check DBus on Windows, try to compile the port, and check with John Palmieri (D-feet developer) how feasible it is to run D-feet on Windows.

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I do not actively need this at the moment, but if I do need it in the future, I will see if I can work D-Feet into running on Windows. –  Alexander Miles May 22 '12 at 18:58
@BasedAsFunk if you end up using D-feet on Windows, and if it is possible, drop me a line with your results. I do not use Windows, but I am interested on what are the outcomes. –  Eduardo May 23 '12 at 12:27

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