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i trying to cross-compile using cygwin make, but this rule doesn't work,


i get Make * No rule to make target `../../include/Ice/PropertiesF.h'

The same rule works fine when build under Linux

Any ideas? a bug in cygwin make?

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Try putting this just above that rule:

$(info HDIR: $(HDIR))
ifneq ($(HDIR), ../../include/Ice)
$(info HDIR is not what you think it is)
$(info SDIR: $(SDIR))

Try making ../../include/ice/PropertiesF.h again, then verify that PropertiesF.ice is where you think it is.

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Thanks, i already found the issue, when $(SLICE2CPP) contains white spaces that rule isn't pick, the white spaces confuse make. scape white spaces with "\ " solved my problem. –  José Aug 4 '11 at 17:40

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