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I have a stored procedure that is used for "searching" a table.
I want an exact match for the fields that are specified.

I would like to know what ways I can efficiently implement this functionality!

Here is an example of my initial attempt. I created a compound WHERE clause:

    @ColumnA int = null,
    @ColumnB uniqueidentifier = null
    SELECT *
    FROM TableA
        (@ColumnA IS NULL OR @ColumnA = ColumnA)
        (@ColumnB IS NULL OR @ColumnB = ColumnB)

This method feels very inefficient to me. I'm not sure if SQL will repeatedly check @ColumnA and @ColumnB for NULL? And I've heard that SQL will create an execution plan, that might not work as well when there's variable paths like this.

Is there a better way to construct this sproc?

Also, what resources can I use to determine the efficiency of my SQL code?

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Something like this is done pretty well with Dynamic SQL, as long as you do it right.

SQLDenis wrote a good blog post about this.

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This article also mentions another article that I found useful: – Scott Rippey Aug 2 '11 at 17:27

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