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Do you know others frameworks like PEAR (http://pear.php.net) ? I want to use reusable PHP components without using the famous PEAR. I already use a framework (Zend Framework) and i want to use php components who doesn't exists in ZF like payment, encryption, math...

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What goals or purposes. There are "frameworks" like CakePHP that may meet your goals, or something like Smarty Templates. –  jerebear Mar 27 '09 at 21:55
I already use a framework (Zend Framework) and i want to use php components who doesn't exists in ZF like payment, encryption, math... –  Kevin Campion Mar 27 '09 at 22:17
Are you basically looking for code snippets/libraries you can include as needed to save you time? –  Darryl Hein Mar 27 '09 at 22:42
any particular reason why you don't want to use PEAR? –  kguest Nov 16 '09 at 15:43
because documentation is poor, it is old and is a little bazaar –  Kevin Campion Nov 25 '09 at 22:26
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Check out EZ Components. It is a very loosly coupled set of libraries that I always see as sitting somewhere between something like PEAR and Zend Framework. Superbly coded and up to date, it is something to take a close look at.

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I don't really do that much php, but I've worked along side php developers for some time and I've heard comparisons between PEAR, SMARTY and Zend Framework all the time. I can't really tell you how much alike they are, but these are the ones I've heard about the most. I've also heard some saying they work with Cake PHP or Symfony, but not as many.

I also found two nice comparisons that might help, here and here. That's about all the help I can be. Good luck. :)

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Zend Framework, Cake PHP or Symfony provide an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. While Pear allow you to use juste one component at once, for a simple application. –  Kevin Campion Mar 27 '09 at 22:04
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As a Zend Framework fan myself I don't see why you don't extend Zend Framework based to your needs. I use a rather simple method by having a classes folder inside my application folder which you need to set up in bootstrap or load with Zend_Loader and there you can define your own logic or import different modules you're interested in ( phpClasses might be also very helpful).

You also can find a lot of helpers made by Zend Framework's community which might be helpful at any given time. If you like to go and strip off pieces of code from different sources you might also want to try to import some of the modules from other frameworks like Code Igniter or CakePhp into Zend Framework and that probably would be a fun and useful thing for you and if you'd like to share, maybe for all the community based around ZF

And I should warn you about Symfony (that evilpenguin wrote about), if you're willing to try it just don't forget it's the "laziest" of them all.

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I don't want to extend Zend Framework because i would like the other people uses it without necessarily having ZF ;) –  Kevin Campion Mar 27 '09 at 23:05
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