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I have a list of

<li> key1 : value1 </li>
<li> key2 : value2 </li>

and want to wrap the "keys" with <b>. As shown

<li> <b>key1</b> : value1 </li>
<li> <b>key2</b> : value2 </li>
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can you separate the "keys" into spans or some other html construct? This will avoid some cumbersome and possibly error-prone parsing. – Karmic Coder Aug 2 '11 at 17:09
no can't use any html tags, what if i seperate them with # instead of : – user846059 Aug 2 '11 at 17:10

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Try this

var content;
  content = $(this).text().split(":");
  $(this).html("<b>" + content[0]+" </b>: "+ content[1]);
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Thanks it looks ok, i will try it shortly. – user846059 Aug 2 '11 at 17:14

Something like:

        var text = $(this).text().split(':'); 
        $(this).html('<b>' + text[0] + '</b>:' + text[1]);
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More concise versions of the other answers:

$('li').html(function(i, html) {
    return html.replace(/([^:]+)/, '<b>$1</b>');

$("li").html(function(i, html) {
    var content = html.split(":");
    return "<b>" + content[0] +"</b>:"+ content[1];
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And the regexp solution

    var el = $(this);
    el.html( el.text().replace(/([^:]+)/,'<b>$1</b>') );

demo at

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@Eric +1, right.. i was breaking my mind trying to remember how to do it without .each and i could not see the obvious.. nice catch. – Gaby aka G. Petrioli Aug 2 '11 at 17:52

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