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I'd like to build 32-bit Poco libraries on Mac OS (since I have other fixed 32-bit dependencies). By default, Poco only builds for the x86_64 target, however.

I tried building Poco like this (according to the Poco build instructions):


However, it still only builds for x86_64. Any ideas?


Well, it turns out the answer is this (in case anyone else runs into this):

You need to export these two variables before running configure and make:

  ARCHFLAGS="-arch i386"
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Poco now has a configuration to build 32-bit directly on Mac OS X. Specify --config=Darwin32 when running ./configure

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You can try this :

  • gedit poco-1.4.1p1-all/build/config/Darwin
  • change these flags to your desired architecture ARCHFLAGS, POCO_TARGET_OSARCH

NOTE ./configure then only "make".

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