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I went to file associations there was no .xml format, when I added it, all editors were added automatically and they are static writing me something like: locked by 'XML' content type. - can't remove association. I want that whenever I create xml file, it would be opened automatically with text editor.

Please help.

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enter image description here

Click default on *.xml and Text editor

Close all files and then try to open an XML file again.

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Was looking for that :). +1, Thanks! @Aubergine: it's custom to accept an answer when it solves your problem. –  JohnDoDo Nov 11 '11 at 13:42

My problem was that I opened the pom.xml with the maven editor - I wanted it to be opened with the maven editor but to open in the "source" view - achieved it by:

enter image description here

Typing xml in the search box did not include this page in the results.

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