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I am a novice using jQuery UI datepicker on a commerce site to set a shipping date. I want to populate the date input field with the first valid shipping date, which is defined as:

  • later than today; and
  • either a Monday or a Tuesday

(There are other conditions, but I am ignoring them for the moment.)

As I write this, and for the next few days, the correct value of this date is 8/8/2011.

Here is the page:


Here is my code, which is not working. The commented part is what's supposed to be doing the work. The value of the input is not being set at all; in previous attempts the date has been set to the value of minDate, but not to any other value.


    beforeShowDay: nonWorkingDates,
    hideIfNoPrevNext: true,
    numberOfMonths: 1,
    minDate: "+1d",
    maxDate: "+3M",
    showAnim: "blind",
    showOn: "both",
    buttonImage: "/images/misc/calendar.png",
    buttonImageOnly: true,
    buttonText: "Select a date"

//set firstShippingDate to value of minDate
//we don't ship on same day, so minDate is today + 1d
var firstShippingDate = $( ".datepicker" ).datepicker( "option", "minDate" );

//we ship only on Monday and Tuesday, so test for that
var dayOfWeek = firstShippingDate.getDay();

//if it's not Monday or Tuesday, advance firstShippingDate by one day and test again
while ( dayOfWeek == 0 || dayOfWeek == 3 || dayOfWeek == 4 || dayOfWeek == 5 || dayOfWeek == 6 )
    firstShippingDate.setTime(firstShippingDate.getTime() + 86400000);
    dayOfWeek = firstShippingDate.getDay();

//should exit loop with firstShippingDate set to first Monday or Tuesday that's not today
//set datepicker to that firstShippingDate
$(".datepicker").datepicker( "setDate" , firstShippingDate );

function nonWorkingDates(date){
    var day = date.getDay(), Sunday = 0, Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2, Wednesday = 3, Thursday = 4, Friday = 5, Saturday = 6;
    var closedDates = [[06, 27, 2011], [06, 28, 2011], [06, 29, 2011], [07, 04, 2011]];
    var closedDays = [[Sunday], [Wednesday], [Thursday], [Friday], [Saturday]];
    for (var i = 0; i < closedDays.length; i++) {
        if (day == closedDays[i][0]) {
            return [false];


    for (i = 0; i < closedDates.length; i++) {
        if (date.getMonth() == closedDates[i][0] - 1 &&
        date.getDate() == closedDates[i][1] &&
        date.getFullYear() == closedDates[i][2]) {
            return [false];

    return [true];

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You might want to checkout the DateJS library. It let's you do cool stuff like this to get the next monday:


So in your case, you can do something like this to get the next monday or tuesday:

if (Date.today().is().monday()) {
  firstShippingDate = Date.today().next().tuesday();
} else {
  firstShippingDate = Date.today().next().monday();
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Nifty -- I can think of a zillion uses. Thanks! – Laurence Aug 2 '11 at 19:51

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