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My current task is to populate a ComboBox with dates, have the user pick one and then determine which date he picked.

By default, the ComboBox control uses Object.ToString to determine what to display.

My problem is that DateTime.ToString shows both date and time. Since the time is irrelevant to my context, I don't want it to be displayed.

Is there a way to customize what the ComboBox will display for each item? Or maybe a way to choose what DateTime.ToString will return?

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In this case, I'd use the FormatString-property of the ComboBox-control:

myComboBox.FormatString = "yyyy-MM-dd";

Another possibility was the usage of DisplayMember and ValueMember but I think that's more than you need in this case.

Edit: Just for completeness: There's also a Format-event

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You can use string.Format(DateTime, "format");

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use the following:

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I don't want to add strings to the ComboBox items, since it will be a pain to parse the selected item into a DateTime. – asmo Aug 2 '11 at 19:19

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