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Im using displaytag to create reports. In the footer of the report i would like to show the average sum of a couple of my columns. Average sum of "pris" and "dekningsprosent".

Is this possible with displaytag? I have seen there is a method for counting totals, but i cant find for average.

Hope you guys can help! Here is my code so far:

<display:table name="rapportList" class="table" requestURI="" id="rapportList" export="true" pagesize="25">

<display:column property="leilighetId" sortable="true" titleKey="report.header.leilighetId"/>
<display:column property="pris" sortable="true" titleKey="report.header.price" format="{0,number,currency}"/>
<display:column property="dekningProsent" sortable="true" titleKey="report.header.coverage" format="{0,number,percent}"/>

  //What goes in here to get the average?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you already try this feature?… – Michael-O Aug 4 '11 at 15:48
If you avoided display tag and used the struts iterator tag it would make the issue more explicit (there is less magic, and an EL/OGNL solution could be provided). You could crunch the average in the action. You could also solve the issue with jQuery. – Quaternion Aug 4 '11 at 20:38

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Try this:

in your displayTag declarations, you put the varTotals properties:

<display:table name="rapportList" class="table" requestURI="" id="rapportList" export="true" pagesize="25"  varTotals="myTotalValue">

and after that you must in each column you want to sum the property total="true" :

<display:column property="pris" sortable="true" titleKey="report.header.price" format="{0,number,currency}"/>

the last step is make your footer receive the sum calculations, like:


Don't forget that the number of the columns in this case starts with one, and not zero like the arrays patterns

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