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Good day, I need help with this command i cant find how repair it. It would be a recognition voice to text.

I have win7 and .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. I am using Visual studio 2010 and i am programming in C#.

Problem: ... private SpeechRecognitionEngine _recognizer;

private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { ...

_recognizer.SetInputToDefaultAudioDevice();// All works but here is problem. ... } ...

When i run it.


No recognizer is installed.

Thanks for help and sorry for my English.

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You are most likely running the program on a Windows XP machine.

Check the Platform section for a list of supported platforms for that class:


Some features in the .NET framework require specific libraries which are not available on all versions of Windows that support .NET.

Even if you have a compatible platform, the library might be a addon you need to enable through the Control Panel, or download from the Microsoft website.

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