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First of all I'm kind of new in Objc. (so try to explain me like. . . for dummies XD) Well my question is: Is there any way to show a NSComboBox inside a NSAlert? that's it! I've check the documentations, an it says that it is possible to show a NSTextView, but I'm wandering if anyone has done this before (with the NSComboBox), a code example would be really useful!

Thank's in advance!!!

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You might want to read the documentation on setAccessoryView: and layout at this URL. I don't know if you can insert a combobox there and if you can somehow get a return from it.

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I've already check the documentation, and it's not really useful for what I want to do but thank you anyway –  Ordiel Aug 2 '11 at 22:24
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is really simple, you just have to remember that NSButton, NSTextField, NSComboBox. . . (etc) inherits from NSView so, you just need to send the object you need into your NSAlert like this:

[specialtyAlert setAccessoryView:specialtyOptions];

where specialtyAlert is an instance of NSAlert, and specialtyOptions is an instance of NSComboBox (but it could be an instance of NSButton or any other GUI object).

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