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I'm trying to visualize 2 successive images using OpenCV

Here are the 3 matrices I am computing:

projectionResult_img_debug = cvReshape( projectionResult_line, &row_header_temp, 0,    rect_list[9].height );
projectionResult_img_debug2 = cvReshape( AverageImg_line, &row_header_temp2, 0, rect_list[9].height );
projectionResult_img = cvReshape( projectionResult_line2, &row_header_temp3, 0, rect_list[9].height );

//debug:                                printMatrixValues(projectionResult_line, 1200, 1250);
printMatrixValues(AverageImg_line, 1200, 1250);
printMatrixValues(projectionResult_line2, 1200, 1250);

IplImage img_t;
IplImage* img_t2 = cvGetImage( projectionResult_img_debug,  &img_t );

IplImage img_t_2;
IplImage* img_t2_2 = cvGetImage( projectionResult_img,  &img_t );

My problem is that the 2 images that are displayed are the same, and are ALWAYS displaying the last matrix that I have computed (in this case it's the one on line 3).

Any idea of where the problem is?

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I can't see where you are displaying the images. There's no call to cvShowImage() on this code. –  karlphillip Aug 2 '11 at 19:07

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Like @karlphillip says, your code sample is incomplete. But it looks like the second argument in IplImage* img_t2_2 = cvGetImage( projectionResult_img, &img_t ); should probably be img_t_2.

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+1 Indeed. Well spotted. –  karlphillip Aug 2 '11 at 20:17
Indeed that was the problem... basically both Images header were indentical and pointing to the same data... thanks! –  lezebulon Aug 2 '11 at 20:37

Assuming that you are using the most recent version of OpenCV, instead of displaying the images I would write them on disk using cvSaveImage(). If they are still equal, then there's a problem on your logic/code and it's not related to OpenCV displaying images.

Your code as it is, its incomplete and I can't help you any further. There's no call to cvShowImage() on this code.

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