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So I have a UIDatePickerView through which I get the birth date of the user. The pickerView has options till infinite time (past and future).

What I want is to LIMIT the uipickervalues from 1981 till present date !

I do not want the user to select some option and then pop-up an UIAlertView telling that the option is wrong.

How can I go about this ? I just want to display values from 1981 and show values till present date & time the app is running.

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UIDatePicker has a property for the minimumDate Setting this will disallow selection before that time. It also has maximumDate set that to [NSDate date] and it will allow selection up until 'now'

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For UIDatePicker you have maximumDate and minimumDate properties that you can use.

As for UIPickerView - you are its data provider and you can fully decide, what to put in there and in what form. See its reference.

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