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This is fairly mundane as R questions go, but I would like to specify the font in my R console. It's easy enough to do in Windows - John Cook has an excellent little writeup on that.

However, that is specific for the Windows R GUI. I'm not able to find a way to do this (at least from within R) on RStudio, Linux, etc. Is there a global, platform-agnostic solution? If not, what would need to be wrapped to make this feasible given per-platform idiosyncracies?

Or is this infeasible?

Note that I'm interested in the font family, rather than the font size, though font size suggestions are welcome.

Edit: I plan to apply this inside a program, if possible. Since R can make calls to the shell, I am happy with a two-pass method that first configures external files in preparation for a subsequent invocation of R, if that is necessary.

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No, each of the front-ends to R are responsible for the way that the console is displayed to the user. This will be inherently platform and front-end specific.

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Aargh. Can I hope that you're wrong? :) If there is a standard R front-end console per platform, then presumably all isn't lost if one can identify the platform (or, even better, identify the front-end). If so, then wrapping functionality per (platform, front-end) pair seems hypothetically feasible. Am I overlooking something? –  Iterator Aug 2 '11 at 22:12
Okay, I've given up hope that you're wrong. :) I found some Windows and Mac solutions and nothing for Linux. –  Iterator Aug 3 '11 at 3:42

I believe that Gavin is right: this is set per frontend, and I fail to find anything for Linux. However, the standard R frontend for Windows is addressed in my question. Mac users may find this page helpful: Permanently change default console font.

So, the answers as I found them may be summarized as:

  • Windows / default R - see John Cook's page
  • Mac - see link above
  • Linux / default R frontend - not possible (or am I wrong?)
  • (Windows, Mac, Linux) / Rstudio - Font family is not available (yet) - see this page. Font size is - this page
  • Windows / Revolution R - this page
  • Other / Revolution R - not found

So, the universal trick is that I need to use R via a web server, and then I can configure my browser. :) Not going to happen. I'll wait on Rstudio.

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Link for "(Windows, Mac, Linux) / Rstudio - Font family is not available (yet) - see this page." is broken. –  Firefeather Jun 25 '14 at 15:46

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