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Using Boost.Python, is there a way to call a Python function that's been passed through a weakref? The following code doesn't work:

import weakref

def foo():
    print 'it works'

def func():
    return weakref.ref(foo)

The following is the C++:

object module = import("test");
object func(module.attr("func"));
object foo = func();
foo(); // Should print 'it works', but it prints nothing

However, if I pass the function object without weakref, it all works fine. Is there any way to make this work?

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I don't know if this carries over into C++ land, but calling a weakref.ref just returns a strong reference to the object (or None) in Python... –  delnan Aug 2 '11 at 21:54
@delnan According to the documentation, it returns a weak reference. But I don't really understand the difference between ref() and proxy(). –  Paul Manta Aug 2 '11 at 22:17

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From weakref documentation:

Return a weak reference to object. The original object can be retrieved by calling the reference object if the referent is still alive...

So, given your snippet:

import weakref

def foo():
    print "It Works!"

def func():
    return weakref.ref(foo)

ref = func() # func returns the reference to the foo() function
original_func = ref() # calling the reference returns the referenced object
original_func() # prints "It Works!"
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This may solve it for you.

>>> import weakref
>>> def foo(): print 'it works'
>>> x = weakref.ref(foo)
>>> x()()
it works
>>> x()
<function foo at 0x7f56c10acc80>
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