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So, I've constructed a NLP program that learns to extract a semantic event description from a sentence, but right now my training set is limited to sentences I've parsed into semantic event components my hand.

While this method does get the job done, its hardly a proper substitute for a large pre-parsed corpus of text. Unfortunately, all of my attempts at finding such a corpus have proven futile.

What I need specifically is a corpus that has tagged the semantic roles of each word (or group of words) in a sentence. Examples of roles I had in mind are things like:

  • agent
  • action
  • patient
  • instrument
  • co-agent
  • co-patient
  • location
  • adverb

If any more specifics are needed, feel free to ask, or refer to this paper that uses a toy corpa with the same constraints as mine.

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The word you want is 'corpus'. And they don't grow on trees, and are generally not available for free. Are you in an academic institution. –  bmargulies Aug 2 '11 at 22:16
Oh wow, thanks for the catch; I was misspelling and pluralizing by mistake :(. Anyways, I'm associated with Stanford, so price isn't an issue. –  zergylord Aug 2 '11 at 22:35
Look at the treebanks at the LDC and see if they do what you want. –  bmargulies Aug 2 '11 at 23:22

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The CoNLL Shared Task in 2005 was 'Semantic Role Labelling'. This page describes their corpus and what roles they labelled.

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Nice Job! the CoNLL page led me to PropBank and FrameNet, which were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! –  zergylord Aug 3 '11 at 18:42

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