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i have a really annoying problem with python. Essentially, i am creating a dynamic multiplayer system in python for Blender 3D GE. Because of the nature of the problem, it is not a Blender issue. Here is what i am doing:

  1. looping through a list of client's to get each one's data to get DATA
  2. looping through another dict in that client's data to get TYPE
  3. looping through that dict (TYPE) to get ID

Here is an example of data:

    ['a1a1a4', 'NAME13' {'position': {7316: [[-0.23014163970947266, 7.419361591339111, -1.518202424049774], 'Sphere', 'Cube']}}]
    ['a1a1a4', 'NAME16' {'position': {5982: [[-0.23014163970947266, 4.099361419677734, -1.518202424049774], 'Sphere', 'Cube']}}]
    ['a1a1a4', 'NAME90' {'position': {7858: [[-0.23014163970947266, 4.659361362457275, -1.518202424049774], 'Sphere', 'Cube']}}]

Here is the processing code

    for set in data: # for each packaged set of data
        client_status = set[0]
        client_id = set[1]
        if client_status == "a1a1a4":

            client_dic = set[2]
            if client_id == gd["player_name"]:

            if client_id not in gd["registered_client_objects"]:
                gd["registered_client_objects"][client_id] = {}
            #for each type in the client dic    
            for type in [i for i in client_dic if i == self.plugin_type]:

                #if relevant to current plugin
                if type in  gd["registered_client_objects"][client_id]:

                    #for the id of each plugin of this type sent from the client
                    for id in client_dic[type]:

                        #if the sender plugin isn't registered:
                        if not id in gd["registered_client_objects"][client_id][type]:
                            #creates a plugin listener for that sender                          

                    gd["registered_client_objects"][client_id][type] = {}
        elif client_status == "a1a1a5":

the end result is i use the ID to match some settings and retreive the appropriate item to apply some data on. The important part is "use data" which processes the data This works fine with two clients, but any more and the Game objects start to jitter. I think this means that i am assigning the data (position) to them too fast. The script runs 60 times a second, but because of the iterations within, i can assume that the iterations are the issue, as i receive no lag. Therefore: How can i slow down an iteration?

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@bmargulies, related how? –  Jakob Bowyer Aug 2 '11 at 22:20
@bmargulies I don't get it unless you're being a jerk and trying to tell him to use time.sleep(). –  agf Aug 2 '11 at 22:21
I don't get how this could be too fast. Either the script is run 60 times a minute (the function takes < 1 sec) or it's run less than that because of the function runtime. Is this being run by multiple threads concurrently - that might be part of the issue as well. –  dfb Aug 2 '11 at 22:24
@agoose77: please don't use the Python built-in set as a variable name. ...and @agf, I bet you're right. –  Gerrat Aug 2 '11 at 22:26
If it works fine with two clients, and starts jittering when you add a third, my inclination would be to assume that it is too slow, not too fast. However, if it's too fast, and still causes this problem, then you most likely have a race condition which should be fixed in some other way than in slowing down your routine. –  kindall Aug 2 '11 at 22:29

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