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How do you set an image as the clipboard with pbcopy?

This doesn't work:

cat image.png | pbcopy
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As stated, this won't work with pbcopy, but you can write a little objective-c program to do this: . Then you can issue:

cat image.png | impbcopy -
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From the documentation:

The input is placed in the pasteboard as ASCII data unless it begins with the Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file header or the Rich Text Format (RTF) file header, in which case it is placed in the pasteboard as one of those data types.

It doesn't sound like image data is supported, so it won't work.

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You can do this without needing to compile any additional software and just use the tools provided in OS X. Basically, the clipboard is unable to store binary, so you need to uuencode your binary image into simple ASCII data like this:

# Copy image to clipboard
uuencode SomeFile.jpg - | pbcopy

and uudecode when going back the other way

# Paste from clipboard to image file
pbpaste | uudecode -o AnotherFile.jpg
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