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I need to load a image and create some annotation on top of it. I want to be able to put rectangles and text blocks on the image area and drag and drop them. Something like diamont lite (only with a user defined image background). To see a screen of diamond like use this link :


I was not able to find any library to make this. But what kind of classes should I use to implement this ? I am doing some tests here but I am not able to get a smooth editing.

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I'm not sure what I was supposed to see at the link. Can you provide a different link, or specify what I should be seeing on the page? –  Phil Aug 2 '11 at 23:02
On the page we have a screenshot of Dianoid (a diagram editor to android). I just send the link to show the type of elements I want to be able to add on my application. –  danilo_lr Aug 3 '11 at 0:16

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