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I have a p tag that has some styled text inside it I want to keep that style and when I click a button with Jquery I want to add new text to it. It was all working well until I tried to add a br tag to my text then it displays the br tag as part of the text.{
  var td = $(this).closest('td'); 
  date.find('.chosen').text('day') + ' May ' +'date') + "'</br>'" + $(this).text() );

If I use html() it will remove my styling from my p tag.

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1 - A line break looks like this: <br />

2 - You are double quoting, it should just be + "<br />" +

3 - You should use .html instead of .text for insertion:{
  var td = $(this).closest('td'); 
  date.find('.chosen').html('day') + ' May ' +'date') + "<br />" + $(this).text() );
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