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I'm looking for guidance on how to find out which user has modified a particular file. While inotify is great to get notification when a particular file is touched, how do I figure out which user has modified that file? I can think of using lsof but I'm afraid that it may not be as "realtime" as I want and/or it might be too much of a tax on resources. By realtime, I mean that if a user simply executes a touch command on a file, by the time I run lsof on file, it may not be picked up by lsof.

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You can use audit deamon:

sudo apt-get install auditd

Choose a file to monitor

touch /tmp/myfile

Add audit for write and attribute change (-p wa):

sudo auditctl -w /tmp/myfile -p wa -k my-file-changed

The file is touched by some user:

touch /tmp/myfile

Check audit logs:

sudo ausearch -k my-file-changed | tail -1

You can see the UID of the user who run the command in the output

type=SYSCALL msg=audit(1313055675.066:57): arch=c000003e syscall=2 success=yes exit=3 a0=7ffffb6744dd a1=941 a2=1b6 a3=7ffffb673bb0 items=1 ppid=3428 pid=4793 auid=4294967295 uid=1000 gid=1000 euid=1000 suid=1000 fsuid=1000 egid=1000 sgid=1000 fsgid=1000 tty=pts1 ses=4294967295 comm="touch" exe="/bin/touch" key="my-file-changed"

For details of usage see man pages or this sample guide.

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awesome! thanks a lot. – user837208 Aug 12 '11 at 19:11

If you add -i option in the earlier command, you will get output in more human readable format. You will get the uid converted to the real username in the server.

ausearch -k my-file-changed -i | tail -1

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