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I built an app using Intent.ACTION_MEDIA_BUTTON to control the current media play, but a customer reported it wasn't working with their Samsung music player. Does anyone know if the Samsung media player doesn't support media buttons, and if so how to fix it?

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I don't have a solution for you, but I can confirm that the stock media player on my Samsung Galaxy S / Android 2.1 testing unit does not respond to either 'toggle play/pause' (KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE) or 'next track' (KEYCODE_MEDIA_NEXT), so it's a fair bet that it won't respond to others either.

If you use logcat to follow what happens when you use the stock headset to 'toggle play/pause' using the inline switch/mic, you can see it sending KEYCODE_HEADSETHOOK, which you can send in code and will at least 'toggle play/pause' on the stock media player.

But that's it. Bit rubbish, really. Good on ya, Samsung!

EDIT: After a bit more digging I got the following to work with the Samsung Media Player:

Intent musicIntent = new Intent();


Intent musicIntent = new Intent();

I would be very interested to know how generally applicable this is - seems a bit fragile to me...

And lastly, along the same lines I found (replace the musicIntent.setAction() line with):

musicIntent.putExtra("command", "next"); // or "next" or "previous"

This did not work with the Samsung player, but might be of use to someone...

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