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If I have 2 Git repository such as PersonA, PersonB git repository.

If I make the branch 'demo' in PersonB repository, Also PersonA have commit a lot of their works for over six month. However, I want to push this branch (PersonB/demo) to be a (PersonA/demo), what should I do?

It is complicate that I don't want to make a fast-forward when move to PersonA/demo. I would like everything in PersonA/demo are the same place as PersonB/demo do.

Ex. I make a demo for the product A when it was version 1.00 by clone to new repository seperate from the original, Now, the product A move to version 2.00, but I not have a time to maintain demo yet. So I would like to keep everything like the past but now, I would like to keep it together in the same repository.

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From within the PersonB repo (assuming it has a remote named PersonA):

git push PersonA demo

This will create the demo branch in PersonA's repo and point it to the same thing PersonB's demo branch points to, without affecting anything else in PersonA's repo.

If you'd rather run a command from PersonA's repo, then do the reverse:

git fetch PersonB demo:demo

which will create the demo branch locally based off of the remote demo branch.

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