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Just trying to get to grips with the new Rails 3.1 way of managing assets. I've copied across a .scss stylesheet (style.css.scss) to app/assets/stylesheets/, and added

= stylesheet_link_tag :style

To the app/views/layouts/application.html.haml file. I had expected that was all I needed to do - but no joy; scss doesn't seem to be generating the css sheet. When I view the 'style.css' source in page source (yes, it's called in the html source) it says the following:

Routing Error

No route matches [GET]

So...any ideas how to get 3.1 to generate the actual stylesheet from the scss?

Many thanks...

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Try adding a style.css file to your assets/stylesheets/ directory that looks like this:

 *= require style.css.scss

That should automatically convert your style.css.scss to plain CSS and include it in what /assets/style.css returns.

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Don't know if the problem you described was due to Rails 3.1 not being released yet, but the "standard" Rails 3.1 way would be to put style.css.scss in your app/assets/stylesheets folder and then linking to application.css which is a socalled manifest file that includes all other files from the folder.

You would then be using

= stylesheet_link_tag 'application'


Best regards, Lasse

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