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How can I show a confirmation modal dialog with the information from the form so that user can confirm what they selected in the form and it submits only if the user says so?

confirm.$("#submit-button").click( function(){
    	if (validator.form()==true) {
    		tb_show("Countdown", "are_you_sure.html?height=100&width=200&modal=true", "");
    	//some check here maybe?	
    	return false;

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by not doing so and by realizing that by clicking the button, they mean they want to do it. –  Darren Kopp Mar 28 '09 at 4:16

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tb_show can display a hidden DIV, so perhaps the best way is to fill that div with the stuff you want the user to confirm and then simply show that. The DIV could hold a YES button that when clicked performs the actual submit

$('#confirmDiv').html("Are you sure you want to...");
tb_show("Countdown", "#TB_inline?height=100&width=200&inlineId=confirmDiv");

<div id='confirmDiv' style='display:none'></div>
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